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close your eyes


External Services:
  • quinn_hotness@livejournal.com
This is a mock live journal....What the hell is a mock lj.
Well for me its a seperate Live Journal to celebrate my
fandoms, write open entry critiques and to openly participate
on other message boards and community like forums dedicated
to my various fandoms.

Also this Live Journal will be used for my Ebay, Garagesalejapan, and various internet community auctions.

My Ebay seller I.D. is Twilightgaurdian I have not sold that much on there yet but I do have a 100% feedback for paying for stuff on time.So hopefully while I am building personal selling feedback on "for sale" Internet communities this also will vouch for my honesty and credibility.


~ Science Fiction & Fantasy ~
Star Wars
Battlestar Galactica
Star Wars
Sailor Moon
D.C. comics
Marvel comics
Hyung Tae Kim
Fushigi Yugi

~*Book Universes*~

E.Rose Sabin - a School for Sorcery
Fuyumi Ono - The Twelve Kingdoms
Naoko Takeuichi- Sailor Moon
Saki Hiwatari - Please Save My Earth
Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time


Elegant Gothic Fashion (Victorian & Edwardian) based styles
Glam Trash styles
Electro Punk