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quinn_hotness </font>take a look. Warning these dolls are out of the box and the boxes and accessories are long gone. Like 10 years gone. So the pictures displayed are the exact items for auction. The prices here are reduced for lack of the accessories they originally came with.
  • pumpki3  07/09/2009</span></strong></span>
  • ryoko 5/28/09</div></span>
    ryoko 5/28/09</div></span>
    what condition is the sailormoon slimpack in? would you think about a trade?
    (Deleted comment)
    oh ok thanks. you can prob sell it easier on ebay too ;)
    OH GODDDD VAL I WANT THAT S SEASON PACK. ;_; Is that the official one? I'd totally buy it of you.
    It's the official one
    Did somebody else claim it already? I can't tell from the previous post.
    Do you know how happy it would make me to sell it to you
    Ha now I can come over and geek out with you X-D
    You want it email me at


    or hell call me, you have my number :-D
    i want the sailor moon boxset i can pay today please let me know.
    It's been sold >_< that quickly Oi.
    But Next week I may put up for auction some of the official Dubbed dvd's from ADV and S and R movies
    oh wow that sucks i would have paid more.
    alright just let me knwo
    (Deleted comment)
    oh well the lat 2 sets i was watching that ended 1 week ago and 2 days ago at 227 and 189 thats y i would have paid more than 100 lol.
    do you have feedback and can you send me another pic of the saturn doll? my email is onepiecepirates@verizon.net- does that include shipping?? does it have its box??
    for the pictures of the eternal sailor moon doll, the second picture links to the first picture :d
    Thank you for letting me know, it's all fixed now.
    Rarrrrr That link is acting wonky
    here is a direct link to the 2nd pic

    The image links on the Mercury doll go directly to the Eternal Sailor Moon doll. And does she not talk permanently, or does she need batteries?
    Also, do you know if you will be having any more SM dolls for sale?
    Sorry posted under my main lj name. Ia m the same person brilliantnova
    which sm dolls are still for sale?
    For now the ones pictured in this auction