Sailor Moon Artbooks, Dolls and movies for sale 2/6/2010

  • SOLDSailor Team Sailor Saturn Doll 1st edition Japanese as is $40.00 free shipping in the continental United States
  • Dream Pocket Eternal Sailor Moon $15.00 SOLD
  • Fushugi Yugi American translated Manga by Viz volumes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, & 9,10,11,12,13, 14 ( NO VOLUME 8 ) sold as a set and I will not break the set under no circumstances $30.00
  • Sailor Moon artbook volume 1 SOFTBACK $20.00
  • Sailor Moon artbook volume 2 SOFTBACK $20.00
  • Sailor Moon artbook volume 1 HARDBACK $25.00 SOLD
  • Sailor Moon R The Movie by Geneon/Pioneer $25.00
  • Sailor Moon S The Movie by Pioneer $25.00

AUCTION 1/ 11 / 2010

If you want to purchase an item. Please email me here.
have sold stuff on garagesalejapan 2 years ago and I have the good feedback to prove it, also take a gander at my user feedback entry in my selling lj
my selling lj I.D. is
[info]quinn_hotness take a look. 
I expect immediate payment or 1st come 1st serve meaning you email me. I am only accepting paypal at this time.

    Sailor Moon Artbook: $30.99
  • volume one, The edges are (little) worn, but otherwise the book is in fabulous condition and tight
  •             Sailor Moon R The Movie by Geneon/Pioneer $ 23.99
  •          Sailor Moon S The Movie uncut special edition by Geneon $23.99
Shipping for all items $4.00 each media mail, if you buy more than 1 item, I will combine shipping.

Sailormoon Artbook vol 1 Japanese hardback edition &
Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S movies by geneon/pioneer pictures under the cut

123009_23571.jpg image by _captainreynoldscrew

123009_23581.jpg image by _captainreynoldscrew


  • 123009_23571.jpg image by _captainreynoldscrew
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05/27/2009 Sales for Garagesale Japan

quinn_hotness </font>take a look. Warning these dolls are out of the box and the boxes and accessories are long gone. Like 10 years gone. So the pictures displayed are the exact items for auction. The prices here are reduced for lack of the accessories they originally came with.
  • pumpki3  07/09/2009</span></strong></span>
  • ryoko 5/28/09</div></span>
    ryoko 5/28/09</div></span>
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    02/08/06 Auction is open

    Now Accpeting bids on the following items This will be sold as a set. No acceptions unless you are willing to pay $18.00 dollars per volume, and if that is the case shipping will be for free. This excludes Sailor Stars volume # 3 which I will charge $35.00 free shipping.

    Sailor Moon Graphic Novels by Mixx/Tokyo Pop/Chix Comics

    volume #2

    2nd Series Sailor Moon SuperS

    volume #2
    volume #3
    volume #4

    3rd series Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

    volume #3















    Now accepting bids on Fushigi Yugi boxset officially put out by Geneon/Pioneer
    I will not accept bids under $55.00 dollars shipping for this item will be $6.95 insured United States Postal Priority Mail.

    Take a Look!!! $55.00






    Parakiss Manga Set



    $15.00 plus $4.95 shipping

    Ceres Celestial Legend volumes
    #2,#3 and #5


    $4.00 each $2.00 shipping